The Aksharaa Charitable Trust (ACT) aims to improve the quality of education in rural schools in Karnataka. Research has shown that the two crucial skills that increase opportunities for employment are good English language skills and good Math skills. Our rural schools lag behind in both areas. ACT works with schools to build capacity in children in these two areas. We visit schools in rural Karnataka, tell them what we do, and offer our services. If the school agrees to work with us, we personally visit schools, teach children, learn with them and encourage their all-round development by sponsoring sports equipment and extra-curricular activities.

We’ve kept our mandate simple and achievable. We know there are several dire problems in our country: hunger and starvation, inadequate healthcare facilities, poor sanitation, lack of employment opportunities and several others. However, we don’t want to solve all the problems in the world. We believe a strong educational foundation will give them the confidence to design their own solutions, relevant to their context. We want to provide practical skills to the children to make them responsible human beings.

Aksharaa Charitable Trust is registered under the Companies Act. We are in the process of registering the Trust under 80G to offer income tax benefits for our donors.

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