We took it to the streets

Children’s Day 2015 : A fruitful day for ACT. We took it to the streets. Interacted with every parent, went on a procession to create awareness about education in the village. Children’s Day celebration. And the WOW moment when THE KIDS GREETED AND SPOKE TO US IN ENGLISH. One and half year of hard work has started to pay off. Special Credit to Deepthi . Our teacher at the school. It was a wonderful feeling when every parent spoke how their kids have improved because of us. One of the instances: One parent was so happy that their kid is now telling his mom and dad’s name in the form of English sentence. Long way to go.

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Thank you.

Thank you – for showing us love on Valentine’s Day!

ACT thanks everyone who celebrated love by spreading it on Valentine’s Day. By buying our red roses, you helped us raise close to Rs.12,000! We’ll use the money to buy books for our students.

Grateful thanks to all our supporters and sponsors of the Annual Talent Hunt Drawing Competition in GHPS Balla and My Acetate HPS on 7th & 14th February.

Stay connected and keep walking with us!


Annual Talent Hunt – II 2015

Had a wonderful drawing competition at My Acetate Higher Primary School. Below are some of the photos. For detailed pics please visit https://www.facebook.com/aksharaacharitableturst


Annual Talent Hunt – I 2015

Had a wonderful event of Annual Talent Hunt I . where we conducted Inter School Drawing Competition.


In a Journey to fulfill our ambition, we are going to complete one year, an humble beginning for the spectacular future.

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Unscheduled Visit to GHPS Balla

Had a meeting with SDMC and teachers, as well as RJ Pallavi did a small assessment on what books are required for the kids.


Visit to GHPS Balla January 2015

We had another PTM were we had a good turn out . Did the screening of one teacher. continued teaching English , Maths and basic computers.