Our approach is simple: Motivate children to learn what they need, to improve their chances of employment and improve the quality of their lives. Children are naturally enthusiastic. We have found that something as simple as providing school supplies can motivate them to come to school and learn. Our sessions on hygiene and civic responsibilities that are fun and unstructured, are popular with the curious children. We also create awareness about social and environmental conditions and encourage them to work towards realizing their dreams.  We provide opportunities, equipments and ample time to play sport and to explore their natural talents to instil a a sense of discipline. Even the novelty of listening to teachers who are not from their school, keeps them curious and interested.

We teach English and Math to students. We conduct sessions on hygiene, on sustainable environmental practices, on the importance of sport and extra-curricular activities. We listen to them. We encourage their enthusiasm to achieve their dreams and goals. We give them a sense of support and assurance. We give them new school supplies. Our English and Math books are sourced from Ravi Publications. They are easy to teach and understand. They make learning fun.

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